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While there are no special A.A. members, some members need special help to receive the A.A. message. For the purpose of these Guidelines, we define A.A.s with special needs as persons who are blind or visually impaired; deaf or hard of hearing; chronically ill or homebound, those who are developmentally disabled, and many others who may have less visible challenges.

A.A. Guidelines – Serving Alcoholics with Special Needs

Illinois District 43 has posted under a section titled “Groupvine” (at the top of the home page), a subsection (scroll down) titled “Sober Hands” which has ASL videos (signed videos) for the deaf and hard of hearing that includes the AA preamble; 3rd Step Prayer; 7th Step Prayer; 9th Step Promises; A Vision For You; Serenity Prayer; St. Francis Prayer; The Twelve Traditions; and the Responsibility Statement. Also, under “Groupvine” there is another subsection (again scroll down) titled “Many Voices” which has recordings of the meeting literature signed in “Sober Hands” and read aloud for the blind or those with eyesight problems or those that have difficulty reading.

There is also a website that provides access to ASL online meetings. The website is located at At this website, a list of ASL AA online meetings can be found. After clicking on the chosen meeting one is redirected to instructions as to how to access the meeting.

GSO is working on a video production of American Sign Language (ASL) translations of the Big Book and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. The initial filming was completed in January, 2018 and is in editing.

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